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    Shot Online commands Empty Shot Online commands

    Post by Vivastar on Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:38 am

    The command for shot online, taken from shot online forum ofcorse...
    /ADD_F +username Add to friends list
    /DEL_F +username Delete friend
    /CHAT_B +username Block user chat
    /CHAT_O +username Unblock/allow chat
    /WCHAT_B +username Block private chat from user
    /WCHAT_O +username Unblock/allow chat
    /ACHAT_B Block /Ignore chat from all users
    /ACHAT_O Unvlock/allow chat from all users
    /AWCHAT_B Block/Ignore priv chat from all users
    /AWCHAT_O Unblock/allow priv chat from all users
    /GUILD_ANN Guild announcement (when/where available)

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