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    Tips for everyone Empty Tips for everyone

    Post by Vivastar on Sun Aug 02, 2009 7:12 am

    Well im not the best (far from it) but after playing with people of all levels i thought i would post a few tips which I find helpful.

    This is not really meant for higher levels as most people already know everything i will mention, but if it just helps one newer player then i will be happy.


    Shot distance and aiming

    this is going to be a big part of your game, learning the winds/weather and how it will affect your balls point of landing.

    Firstly the wind, now it obvious to most people, if the wind is blowing a certain way then you compensate for that (either by spin in the opposite direction or by aiming off to the opposite side)

    Something that a lot of people fail to notice is the way a cross wind can also (even if only slightly) bow with or against you, thus affecting your distance as well as direction.

    you need to spin the camera round a touch to check.

    for instance, the wind is going from left to right.

    firstly aim your ball to the left to compensate the wind, then check if it is blowing in your face, if it is then you need to add some distance (or forward spin) to lengthen your shot.

    If you have rain then your shot is going to be lowered by 11%, not just that but with it travelling lower (by not getting the full distance) it will bounce harder so either compensate it with more backspin or shorten the shot slightly.

    If its cloudy its going to reduce your shot by 6%, if this is a driver shot that could be losing 10-20yds off your drive which could put you in a bunker (its worth noting the clouds).

    remember you have 60 seconds (30-90 but most use the default 60) to take your shot... there is no rush! check the wind and the rain, spin your camera round to double check, if this is a test or tourney and you take 10 seconds over every shot then dont expect a -20 and instant prizes because it aint gonna happen.


    Conditions of your balls lie

    The % of your shot plays a big part in a great shot turning into water shot/OB. if it says its going to hit it from the rough with 78%-100% DO NOT assume your gonna get your 100%.

    key to remember is it your not sure then play safe, with time you will recognise the ball lies and the trajectory from each of them... your not going to become good until higher level so just practice and adjust your shots as your skill/power increases.



    if your in a bunker you are not just looking at the % in your ball lie window, your also looking at the incline/decline your on, the weather, the wind and the stat of the slopes on the green.

    Do not assume that you can just chip it with backspin and your gonna hit your mark everytime because you got a chart with distances wrote on it.

    If you have a slope going left and sloping away from the hole then play short with slightback spin to the left and you got a chance of it rolling in... if you play it long with backspin then the ball will hit the ground after the hole, disengage the backspin and keep rolling away.

    If in doubt and your not sure then aim for a few yds infront of the flag, this way you guarenteed (if you do a half decent shot) to at least have a chance to putt.



    This stumps everyone who is new to a golf game but dont get overwhelmed.

    Hills will help you IF you use them.

    There are 3 ways to putt (that i know of)

    number 1. hit hard - risky

    number 2. play the slopes - best way

    number 3. hit soft - play safe

    1. this option is where if the slope is moving fast on a 2/6 yd putt then you hit hard slightly up the slope and hope you hit the pin dead centre.
    If you go for this and miss, then your stuffed cos its gonna roll away big time.

    Best way that i know of is to only use this method if your confident and can afford the miss... a 3-5yd putt with a small hill is gonna be fine to use this one.

    Do not use this for long putts, its suicide.

    2. this option is how i putt, learn the hills, learn that if your hitting downhill then never hit hard, always play soft up the left/right and let the slopes carry the ball. If your hitting it up a hill then increase your shot power a little whilst still playing the hills.

    Remember hitting harder lessens the effect of the slopes so if your hitting uphill to the left then the hill will act a huge amount different than if it was downhill.

    This is a good option for putting long putts as you can get nailbitingly close if you learn the hills.

    Big points to remember when playing this type of putt is that the first 3 lines of your putt (left/right) are going to affect your shots ALOT if its 5 yds and you got slow left followed by slow right near the hole then play the first lines and forget the second ones.

    3. says it all really, play the ball soft so it goes within 3 yds of the hole, good way to get pars but bad way to get yourself better/learn greens properly.

    Conclusion to what i think is the most important thing in this game is the timer... if you hit the ball within 5 seconds and screw it up then don't expect everyone in the room to want to play with you very often, playing like this doesn't get you better/earn you friends or give you any comments about you being unlucky or being a great shot/player.

    Take your time and read every part of the shot before you go for it. This way you will notice your mistakes and get alot better.

    Sure this is only a game and you play it for a laugh, but don't expect to be great at the game if you dont put in the time and effort to build up your skill for a game like golf.
    Again, this is not my work, i just copy it from shot online forum.

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