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    What is stats Empty What is stats

    Post by Vivastar on Sun Aug 02, 2009 7:03 am

    The first question out of a new players mouth is usually.... "What does each stat do?"

    I'll try to explain to the best of my knowledge and from my experiences over the last 2 years.

    Power is exactly what it says... gives you the strength to shoot the long distances.

    Impact lifts your ball higher in the air... thus giving you longer shots also gives you a softer land on the green so it does't roll so far. Also.. impact gives you more accuracy and the ability to "miss 0" and still have a decent shot.

    Stamina makes it so you don't fatigue as fast during gameplay. Once you're fatigue hits "about 50%" you'll really notice a difference in shot distance. It is also true that once you get in the higher levels and get your stamina up around and over 20 points... it helps you with your sand and rough shots. It also helps stabilizing your shots when you are a low-level (level 25 or less).

    Skill simply put puts spin on your ball. Spin will help you bend around obsticles with fade or draw, or it can help you by puting backspin or topspin on the ball in certain instances. A skill point above 30 points can also boost your shot-length.

    Other things you should know

    **For those that want backspin or the ablility to stop your ball on the green better... IMPACT is the way to go... get that ball up higher in the air.

    **Try using the 3 piece ball. It will go about 5-10 yards less than the 2 piece but it will stick to greens better.

    Skill does not even start working until 10 points... so a skill of 9 points is useless.

    Here's a story for ya:
    When I first started S-O I figured I would have the longest drive so I pumped everything into power. Before I knew it I was 62 power and 12 impact. I could hit far but couldn't control the ball. Other players my level were still outdriving me with way more accuracy. Basically it's like this.... without impact... power is useless.. and visa versus.

    After S-O invented the Fedora100 I reset my stats and made my power and impact equal. Now.. I was making not quite as long of drives (about 5 yards less) but my shots were way more accurate. As now I could miss 0 and still have a decent shot.

    I hope this helps some of you out. If there is anything I am missing or something that has been proven wrong in here.. please let me know and I'll fix it.

    A general rule i always have is, at low levels keep impact 5-8 above power and high level keep impact 10 or more above power. also stamina does no good at all, i have basic stamina on my character.

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