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    In Depth Stat Guide-By Karisten lv102 Empty In Depth Stat Guide-By Karisten lv102

    Post by xms3500 on Sat Aug 29, 2009 5:30 pm

    Given the
    number of stat questions on this forum, I thought it would be a good
    idea to post this here. I made this short write-up on a guild forum,
    but thought I should post it on this forum as well. Credit also goes to
    as well, since I sought his input for ideas/corrections before posting
    this. I may add to this at a later date, depending on what other
    questions people may have regarding stats.

    This guide assumes your character is a Belz.

    Level 1 Stats:
    Power - 7
    Impact - 5
    Stamina - 6
    Skill - 2

    beginners, the most important stat to add to is impact at first. In
    fact, I recommend getting impact to either 8 or 10 above power first
    before adding anything to power or skill. You never want to add to
    stamina, unless you want to use level 59 clubs (which are awesome for
    the price) but you can worry about that when you get to your 50s.

    Level 21 Stats:
    Power - 16
    Impact - 26
    Stamina - 6
    Skill - 12

    level 21, around those stats should give you enough control to handle
    the harder courses. From this point, you need to mostly focus on adding
    to power and impact, 1 each per level. Occasionally add to skill, I
    recommend having skill around 20 to 25 MAX by the time you take your
    Semi Pro test, any more and you may get some awkward spin when playing

    Level 41 Stats:
    Power - 29
    Impact - 40
    Stamina - 6
    Skill - 25

    stats work great for the Semi Pro test, although they are not quite
    ideal for Cadeiger. In order to effectively play Cadeiger, you need
    your skill around 40 to 45 MAX in order to curve the ball around some
    obstacles and basically be comfortable all-round, such as hitting for
    the right fairway on hole 3 Cadeiger.

    Level 51 Stats:
    Power - 32
    Impact - 42
    Stamina - 6
    Skill - 40

    you get your skill to this comfortable level, I recommend putting your
    stats relatively evenly into power and impact for awhile, with the
    occasional addition to skill. Skill over 45, but under 100, does little
    for your distance and instead just adds extra curve. Power has a soft
    cap of sorts, if you will. Power over 60 does very little for distance,
    and point deterioration begins around 45-50. Impact over 65-70 does
    very little for accuracy as well from what I've gathered.

    Level 76 Stats:
    Power - 54
    Impact - 65
    Stamina - 6
    Skill - 45 MAX

    Shot-Online, the key to hitting humongous drives is to get your skill
    over 100. For one reason or another, adding spin with your skill over
    100 drastically increases your distance. For example, at level 102 with
    175 skill, I hit driver with no spin in the 380-390 region. When full
    side spin is added, I can hit the ball in the neighborhood of 500 yards.

    under 40 power actually causes a rather large drop in distance, so I
    don't recommend it unless you need to drop it slightly to make your 100
    skill, which is normal for someone in the level 75-80 range. I also
    don't recommend going under 40 impact ever, unless you use Hurricanes,
    even then it is risky.

    Level 80-85 High-Skill build:
    Power - 35
    Impact - 45
    Stamina - 6
    Skill - 101+

    levels 80 to 85 you will have a comfortable number of points in order
    to get your skill over 100, and have decent impact and power stats.
    From this point on, it is usually recommended that you add every level
    up to skill, and to impact and power only when you see fit.

    An ideal set-up for playing High-Skill (and something to aim for) as it gives great all-round performance is.....

    Power - 40
    Impact - 50
    Stamina - 6
    Skill - 101+ ( rest of your points here, more the merrier ok)

    note, anyone who passes their Tour Pro test can use an item called
    Fedora A100 Plus, which is like a super Pedora, reseting all stats to
    1. This is a great item to use to get rid of all your stamina. However,
    once you use a Fedora Plus, you cannot use a normal Pedora or Haoma I
    or II if any of your stats are under normal base values (read:
    stamina). Only Magicos and Fedora Plus will work.

    Hope this can be of help to someone.


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