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    guide for forneus I_icon_minipostSubject: Forneus guide for tour-pro test guide for forneus I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 19, 2008 7:50 pmguide for forneus I_icon_quote

    Forneus is probably THE most frustrating course on SO as it can be easy as pie or hard as hell depending on the weather. This walk-through is primarily for the TP test but the principles remain the same for all players. The general rule is to try and find the flattest part of the fairway to produce more accurate approaches to the pin. Spin use is EXTREMELY important,only on a couple of holes is b/s required as most fairways are slightly uphill or severely uphill in some areas. I hit -15 whilst writing this (and had a bogey going for glory and missing) so I think its pretty accurate. Tests will be done by our other resident TPs and amendments will be made on their advice. You need -12 which gives you 6 holes to par MAX, there are some difficult "par and run" holes so bird/eagle as many as you can. Bogey will SEVERELY dent your chances of passing.

    Hole 1
    Great opening hole. Easy par 5 with good eagle/birdie opportunities.
    Aim for flat area of fairway on centre left past bunker. Don't go too far as up-slope awaits.
    9 O Clock spin if extra distance required. Pin usually back left, back right or front right.
    If pin back left use a little b/s as green slopes away from you. If pin back right use a little t/s as green severely slopes to right and aim more left so ball can roll to hole.
    If front pin use more b/s and aim left to spin ball back to hole down slope. Hitting fairway with t/s an option but danger awaits if inaccurate. If on green in 2 trickle the eagle putt and GUARANTEE the bird. Or if not chip and putt for bird.
    Hole 2
    Tricky par 3, easy par but occasional bird opportunity.
    Ball tends to bounce hard on the green so aim a little shorter than normal. If pin at front hitting fairway with t/s a good option. If pin at back use a little b/s as green slopes away from you more than ALT G suggests.
    Hole 3
    Tricky par 4 due to 2nd shot to pin.
    Drive over bunker to penultimate part of fairway, 9 O Clock spin if distance required. DON'T be greedy as down-slope and rough await. Use full t/s on approach as green slopes severely towards you. Even with this amount of spin will produce backspin so aim a little long.
    7I 60% no spin (roughly) an option if pin at back (like hole 10 Cads) but practice this b4 your TP test. An uphill putt will be easier to give you a birdie.
    Hole 4
    Long par 4, difficult to bird. Par is fine here.
    Use 9 O Clock spin and drive near to bunker on left. Beware of massive up-slopes if short especially if in bad weather. Aim short left if these cases. Green is VERY slopey with varying pin positions. AVOID bunker short of green at all costs. B/s needed to stick ball to green. Chip and putt for par and run if no birdie putt available.
    Hole 5
    Nice par 3 - if you hit it correctly.
    Flat green but slopes right to left. Try and curl ball towards flag with 9 O Clock spin to lessen effect of slope on pitching. Accuracy reaps rewards here.
    Hole 6
    Nice par 4, good birdie hole.
    Aim for middle of last part of fairway but DON'T be greedy. Green above you so watch for spin back. Using t/s works well here but so does hitting to back of green with b/s to pull it back to the pin.
    Hole 7
    Nice par 5, easy eagle/birdie opportunities.
    9 O Clock spin to drive to fairway on right of bunker. Avoid slopes in bad weather. Either hitting fairway 1st with t/s a good option here as is hitting long with b/s watch green for side slopes to gain maximum rewards. Again GUARANTEE the bird rather gamble on the eagle.
    Hole 8
    Easy par 4, drivable green from tee shot.
    Use 3 O Clock spin to bounce on fairway and jump up onto green. Even long drives give simple chip and putt for bird so go for it. Again, bird is better than eagle miss and par!
    Again easy par 4 with drivable green. Bravery NOT stupidity reaps rewards.
    Driving green possibility if good weather. Try and aim for the rough between gorge and green, yes its small but add an extra % or 2. Hitting green MUCH better than missing rough!!! (TP Test over) If going for fairway, aim way left and find flat spot. Short on fairway better than long in rough. Usually easy chip and putt for bird regardless of which method chosen but eagle putt available if tee shot makes green.
    Hole 10
    Horrid par 3, especially in bad weather.
    Aim left of pin due to green slope/ Short with t/s or long with b/s helps to get close to pin.
    Par good here if wayward.
    Hole 11
    Complete bitch of a hole - DON'T gamble take par unless everything perfect.
    Use mid iron with 3 O Clock spin to fairway on right, try and avid the big up-slopes.
    Bowl shaped green so pay attention to pin position. Shots often end up short here so either use t/s or hit long to guarantee birdie putt. Simple chip and putt for par if green missed.
    Hole 12
    Short par 4, easy bird as green drivable.
    Use 9 O Clock spin and aim for fairway short left of green. 2 putt or simple chip and putt for bird. DO NOT PAR THIS HOLE!!!!!
    Hole 13
    Easy par 5, eagles and birdies a plenty here.
    Drive to fairway on right either short or near end of 2nd section, NOT in the middle or right at the end as slopes await here. Green slopes right to left and has front to back and back to front slopes. Hitting back left with b/s best option to gain eagle chance. 2 putts for birdie and again GUARANTEE the return if putting for eagle.
    Hole 14
    Cracking par 4, easy to bird.
    Use 3 O Clock spin around trees to pitch on fairway and jump up onto green if conditions allow.
    If not aim way short and left as fairway flat here. Either way simple chip and putt for bird or eagle putt if green hit from tee. DO NOT PAR THIS HOLE.
    Hole 15
    Complete bastard of a par 3, take par and run.
    Aim to hit green rather than fairway as difficult chip awaits. Use full b/s to pitch near pin and stop at back of green only option if birdie putt wanted. Only an EXCELLENT tee shot will give you a decent birdie chance though.
    Hole 16
    Long par 4, horrid if weather bad.
    Use 3 O Clock spin to maximize distance and drive up to bunkers. Check for fairway slopes and
    adjust spin to alter approach distance. Green slightly slopes back to front and left to right so use t/s to hold ball on green. Birdie putt with care, GUARANTEE the par if uncertain.
    Hole 17
    Tricky par 4 due to needing iron from tee.
    ONLY in PERFECT conditions (sunny with > +2 wind) can you drive to 2nd island.
    DO NOT GAMBLE else TP Test over!!!!! Shoot to near end of 1st fairway but DON'T be greedy.
    Green slopes front to back so b/s required. Safe shot to centre of green preferable to
    allow any decent uphill birdie putt.
    Hole 18
    Easy par 5 if conditions nice. Eagles and birds a plenty here.
    If weather good use 3 O Clock spin to drive as far as you can on fairway on left.
    Depending on lie (up-slope, down-slope, rough) adjust club and spin accordingly. Green slopes SEVERELY from left to right so use some 3 O Clock spin to add extra distance and hold ball on green. Difficult eagle putt , GUARANTEE the bird or simple chip and putt for par. If weather not favourable drive up right side of right fairway to allow easier 2nd shot to green. Watch out for the trees as you will be using a wood probably on this shot. If in doubt aim for end of fairway short of green. If here use t/s as green now slopes SEVERELY from back to front.

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