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    Post by eryl on Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:18 am

    HOLE 1....PAR..4.......Play short of the two humps short of the green for a flat lie,play your approach with circle over the pin and hit the power bar 97 to 98% should put you in birdie range.

    HOLE 2....PAR 5........Always drive to the right hand rough near the cart path which should leave you with a 79 to 80% lie in the rough,play your approach with circle over the pin and stop your
    power bar in the yellow section which should put you on the green with an eagle chance.

    HOLE 3....PAR 3........I find circle on the pin an hitting 97 to 98% works well here,if theres wind behind try and play the shot with a little backspin to avoid getting a big bounce forward.

    HOLE 4....PAR 4........Finding the flat spot on this fairway is very important,in the left corner before the first bunker is the best target. Approach shot is best played with a little backspin to
    avoid the kick forward.

    HOLE 5....PAR 5 ......Depending on the conditions there are two options here one is to drive the green and the other is to play short on the wide section of the fairway leaving an approach shot
    of around 110 to 120 yrds one notch of back spin also works well here.

    HOLE 6....PAR 4.......Your target here is around 240 to 260 yrds just to the right of the bunker,your approach normaly reads 5.0m uphill so playing on the pin normaly works a treat.

    HOLE 7....PAR 5.......Play your tee shot just short of the steep hump leaving around 260 to 280 yrds to the pin,aim for the pin and stop power bar in half the yellow section should put you on the
    money for at least a birdie chance.

    HOLE 8....PAR 4.......You have two options here from the tee you can drive to the island or aim for the flat section situated near the white bush just off the fairway,i find a little topspin on the pin
    and hitting around 98% works a treat.

    HOLE 9....PAR 3......This tee shot is best played with a little backspin on the pin.if the pin is situated on the right corner go one click left has the ball will feed right on contact with the green.

    HOLE 10..PAR 5......Tee shot try and get close to the water for a flat lie,going for the green on your approach is a very dangerous shot has the valley of doom lurks on the right hand side waiting for a wayward shot
    its normaly best to lay up short of the green or in the greenside rough is ideal add 5yrds to your chip to the pin should pay dividends.

    HOLE 11..PAR 4......If wind favours here hit hard and lend in the rough just before the green,the other option is to hit a 4i or 3i onto the flat section halfway down the fairway,on the approach under hit about
    2yrds has the ball will feed out.

    HOLE 12..PAR 4.....Straight forward tee shot hit down middle of fairway,on your approach play one of your wedges around 60 to 70% with a little backspin which will kill the ball quickly.

    HOLE 13..PAR 4......Another straight forward tee shot try to avoid the uphill lie for the second shot,again 60 or 70% of a wedge with bacspin works great here.

    HOLE 14.PAR 3.......Play this shot on the pin with a little topspin to avoid the ball spinning back,Leaving the ball below the hole here leaves a makeble birdie put.

    HOLE 15..PAR 4......Two options here if theres a strong wind behind blast it at the green avoiding the water hazzard on the left will leave a simple chip to the hole,the other option is to hit a iron around 250yrds
    down the left leaving around 170 yrds in,on the appoach if the pin is tucked away on the front left play a little right of the pin to avoid flirting with the water.

    HOLE 16..PAR 4......This one is straight forward blast at the pin avoiding the water hazzrd and the bunker on the left should offer at least a birdie chance.

    HOLE 17..PAR 5.......Hit tee shot to the flat section of the fairway,its normaly best to play approach shot on the pin at around 97 to 98% should offer at least a birdie chance.

    HOLE 18..PAR 3.....This hole plays excactly has it reads put your circle on the pin and hit 97 to 98% will put you inside 5 to 6 feet for a bird.

    Ive found playing your chips to the pins less than 70% with a little backspin works realy well here and will get you a great score.

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